Ditch Your Coffee Creamer: Try These Healthier Alternatives Instead

Everyone already knows: sugar is seriously bad for your health. Which is why it is recommend we try to cut it out of our diet as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ditch your coffee creamer.

The common coffee creamer contains 5 grams of sugar which is listed as its second ingredient! Although 5 grams may not seem like much, its the type of sugar that should worry you. This sugar is much different than the sugar found in healthier foods such as fruits.

Thankfully, there are numerous other ways to sweeten your coffee to your liking:


I’ve listed cinnamon first because it is the healthiest option in this list. Adding cinnamon to your coffee is actually good for you and is sweet. Comment below if you would like a separate post on the benefits of adding cinnamon to your coffee (there are just that many)!

Coconut Creamer

There are tons of great coconut milk creamers. Not only are they dairy free, but they often use natural sugar alternatives. The one linked above uses cane syrup, which is less processed than your typical white table sugar.

Organic Honey

Some people love the taste of a little honey in their coffee! Buy local, and you get additional allergy and immunity benefits. Just remember to be mindful of how much you use.


I can explain… Many claim butter coffee gives them more energy throughout the day and curbs their appetite. This is because the fat in butter slows down digestion so the caffeine is released slower and longer. To make butter coffee: blend butter and brewed coffee. That’s it! Just remember the amount of fat you’re getting through your butter coffee when it comes to the rest of your diet.


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