How to Properly Wash Your Face

Washing your face is a chore. That small tasks that seems to take up so much time, twice a day. It’s become almost automatic to us, as we go through the familiar motions. But, there are mistakes many make that could actually cause more harm than good. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly wash your face:

Wash Your Hands

There is bacteria on your hands, do you really want to rub it all over your face? It is important you cleanse your hands first before, so you don’t transfer that bacteria.

Go in Circular Motions

Going in different circular motions ensures you really get in there. Our pores can be facing or slanted a certain way, so you want to go in circular motions, both ways, so you’re sure to get a deep cleanse.

Wash for 30 Seconds

Once fell swoop of the hand does not count as washing. You need to really rub around the face for a few moments, covering every nook and cranny to make sure you’ve really cleaned.

Rinse for 15 Seconds

Leaving any residue can clog your pores, causing you to breakout. Make sure you really rinse off your face well. An easy way to do this is to rinse for fifteen seconds.

Pat Dry with a Clean Towel

If you don’t use a clean towel, you are rubbing bacteria back onto your clean face. *See “Wash Your Hands”*





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