3 Easy Healthy Take-To-Work Lunch Ideas

Most people struggle at lunch when it comes to making healthy choices.  It’s hard packing a healthy lunch that morning or the night before that still looks fresh and appealing come noon that day.

Overnight Oats

This meal is actually supposed to sit there for hours. You put 1/2 cup of rolled oats into a jar (mason jars are great for this), 1/2 cup of any type of milk, 2 tbsp of nuts or seeds (chia are great in this), 1 tbsp of spice like cinnamon or vanilla extract, 1 tbsp of sweetener (optional). Do this at night and by the following morning your meal is ready! Great breakfast or lunch option.


Depending on your work, you could always take the fruit your adding un-cut and cut it at work right before you eat, making everything taste even fresher. But the most important thing here is to take your dressing in a separate container.

Yogurt Parfait

You may be thinking, “this isn’t a lunch”, well, let a girl explain herself! You take an unopened single serving of yogurt, or if you want to be more cost efficient one serving in tupperware. You then take strawberries, banana, and granola in separate baggies. You cut the fruit right before you’re ready to eat!


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