How Your Thoughts Are Affecting Your Weight Loss Journey

So much of our well-being is determined by our thoughts. If you are thinking positively, you are happier, and usually, healthier. Our emotional state plays a huge role in our fitness journey. Don’t believe it? Keep reading.

Harvard conducted a study following 84 women. One half were told their jobs met the requirements for exercise, and the other half were told nothing. A month later and the group of women who were told their jobs counted as exercise had actually lost weight. The other group didn’t.

This makes sense. Think about it; if you tell yourself you can’t lose weight, it’s just too hard for you, or if you do lose it you’ll just gain it right back, you are quite literally setting yourself up for failure! You’re making it OK in your head when you fail, even expecting it, and not allowing yourself to really try.

So instead…



A little positive talk never hurt nobody. When you tell yourself you can, it is much easier to push harder at the gym, or say no to that extra cookie. There really is a power to positive thinking. So every morning when you wake up tell yourself its going to be a great day and you can do this.


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