5 Workout Mistakes You’re Making (That are preventing you from losing weight)

Cardio Only 

You spend all your time on cardio. Cardio is great as quick warmup, but if you are spending your entire hour at the gym on the elliptical, don’t expect to see the results you’re after. This is because while cardio does burn fat, it isn’t building muscle, which burns way more fat, even while you sleep!


It’s important you switch up your exercise routine. Your muscles need this change in order to continue growing. Plus, it will help keep you interested in your workouts. If you neglect to continuously change your workouts, you plateau. Throw in an exercise class once a week, or look up some different workouts and give them a try!

No Weights

Many people believe if they lift weights it will make them bulky. Not true. Muscle is what burns fat, so having more muscle through weight lifting will not only give you nice definition, and will also reduce your total body fat.

Doing Too Much

This is all too common, even in experts. Some want to do five sets of each exercise when in reality, two to three sets is plenty. If you do too much, it can lead to injury. This is why 30 minute workouts are are really all you need.


The speed at which you lift and rest can determine whether your body gets the result you’re after. If you don’t rest long enough, you could be sacrificing strength. Wait too long, and you aren’t burning as many calories as you could. A common rule of thumb is to not wait any longer than a minute between sets. And a minute should only be used when you are pushing at your absolute max and need that entire 60 seconds to catch your breath.


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