Studies Show THIS is the Key to Happiness

What most people want in life is to be “happy”. Some believe earning more money, losing weight, or getting married are what will make them happy. But what can you do to really make you happy?

Studies show that happiness is strongly linked to gratitude. When asking people why they are happy they typically say because of family, friends, and for just being alive. They are simply grateful for what they have.


If you live your life gratefully, constantly counting your blessings, your quality of life increases. It’s hard to not be happy when you’re constantly reminding yourself of how fortunate you are. If you incorporate a grateful moment every day, you’ll be happier overall.

Do this one thing every day to live a happier life:

Take one moment every morning to say something you’re grateful for. 

I hope you give this a try and I hope you notice a positive difference. I strongly believe that you can always find something to be grateful for!



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