10 Skin Care Hacks You Should Know

I used to spend tons of money on the most prestigious skin care brands. I believed that I would get what I was paying for. And while many expensive products do work as well as they claim, there are also many other, cheaper products that work just as well. By learning about these “dupes” or “hacks” I’ve saved a lot of money on my skin care routine.

  1. Get hydrated and glowing skin. Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day using rose water.
  2. Use coconut oil as an anti-aging and moisturizing night cream. Coconut oil is a great for many things. Some people use it as makeup remover, others as deep conditioner for hair. I like to use it as a moisturizer for my cheeks and neck.
  3. To get rid of under eye dark circles use a coffee and coconut oil mix. Mix two tbsp of coffee and two tbsp of coconut oil and apply under your eyes and massage it for three to four minutes.
  4. Get long and thick eyelashes and eyebrows. Castor oil has been proven to stimulate hair growth and strength.
  5. Try a DIY moisturizing and brightening eye cream of coconut oil and vitamin e oil. 
  6. Exfoliate the eye area with toner on a cotton pad to remove milia.
  7. Promote eyelash growth without any product. Brushing your eyelashes with a clean spoolie promote eyelash growth.
  8. Don’t wash your face in the mornings. Instead, splash cold water on it to wake yourself up. Leave those natural oils!
  9. Don’t exfoliate your body daily. Don’t use loofas – opt for washcloths instead. Lufas are too harsh on your body.
  10. Don’t wear makeup everyday. This isn’t so much a ‘hack’ as it’s just skin care advice. You’re skin will improve with a day or two a week when it gets a day off and time to breathe.




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