What I Eat in a Day

Many ask what one should eat in a day. Of course, every day is different. But, as a person who likes to stick to routine, there are consistencies in my diet that I credit to helping me stay on track.

7:30 AM

I start every morning with coffee. I use SO Delicious Coconut Creamer in French Vanilla. You can purchase this creamer at many grocery stores such as Target and Whole Foods.

8:00 AM

Most mornings, I’ll drink 16 oz. of water filled with chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, the seed mix (found here). I let it sit overnight, the chai seeds get larger and soft. This ‘water’ is full of nutrients. I sip it while getting ready for work and it’s a great start to my day.

Other mornings I’ll do a protein shake or green smoothie. I try to start with something light and healthy.

9:30 AM

After walking to work I get hungry again and will typically reach for greek yogurt and granola. If I can’t find that in the work fridge I’ll reach for the Urban Remedy Steel Cut Oatmeal. Both are super filling!

12:30 PM

Lunch is always different. Sometimes I’ll have a salad (Asian chicken is my favorite), a protein box from Starbucks, or a sandwich. I am too lazy to pack a lunch so I usually go to whatever is close to work and cheap. I always try to stay on the healthy side!

3:30 PM

I try to stick to fruit and nuts for this snack. By now, I’ve typically consumed a little over 1000 calories and I don’t want to eat too much before my big dinner later.

6:30 PM

Dinner time! I have about five go to dinner recipes. I usually make a bowl of some kind. It may be a taco salad (ground turkey), a chicken and quinoa bowl, or salmon and veggies. I always have a green smoothie with dinner which helps me reach that full feeling.

8:00 PM

I finish every night off with a cup of chamomile tea with a hint of honey and a chocolate protein bar. I try to stick to lower calorie bars like Think Thins fiber protein bar (150 calories).

I find this tends to bring me to around 1600 calories which is my usual goal when working out. Of course, I eat out with friends and drink once or twice a week where I go over this caloric goal which is why I try to be more modest other nights.




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