10 Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

I am as lazy as they get when it comes to makeup. I like to be quick, and I like to be cheap. Due to this laziness, I’ve learned numerous ‘hacks’ that have made my makeup routine quicker and much less costly. Here are my top 10 ‘need to know’ makeup hacks:

  1. Use bronzer as your eyeshadow base. This is great for when traveling and trying to limit what you bring. This also looks very natural since it ties in with your cheeks.
  2. Instead of false eyelashes use baby powder. Coat your eyelashes in baby powder between mascara sweeps to increase volume.
  3. Don’t waste money on primers. The reasons primers work, is because they are moisturizing. If you just apply your moisturizer before make up, you’ll get the same lasting benefits. (Note: this does not apply to eyeshadow primer, though I have used concealer as an eyelid primer and it worked great!)
  4. Clean makeup brushes with baby shampoo. This works great and is a fraction of the cost of other brush cleansers.
  5. Remove lipstick stains on clothes using rubbing alcohol.
  6. Put nail polish in the fridge for ten minutes before use. This thickens the polish and it goes on much smoother. It acts more like a gel this way (less chipping).
  7. Add two drops of contact solution to bring old mascara back to life. 
  8. When lazy, use micellar water on a cotton pad as your cleansing routine. Many people swear by this and do it every night instead of using face cleanser. Micellar water is great for your skin so after a long day or night, after you’ve removed your make up (perhaps using a make up remover wipe), put some micellar water on a cotton pad and rub it over your face.
  9. Dilute rose water to get it to last long. Set make up with rose water. When I buy rose water, I put half in an older bottle and fill the rest with water. By diluting the solution, I still get all the benefits and it lasts me twice as long! My favorite uses are as primer, makeup setting spray, and moisturizing mists throughout the day.
  10. Add moisturizer to foundation to lighten it up for winter months. I know so many people that purchase winter and summer foundations. By adding a small amount of moisturizer, you can control the color and don’t need to buy two!

Thanks for reading and I hope these hacks work for you! Comment your makeup hacks below, I’d love to give them at try!





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