How to Wake Up Early and Work Out

I’ve shared that my morning routine begins with a workout and what a game changer that’s been for me. Nothing starts your day like getting your workout in early. But, for most people (myself included), it can be difficult to get up that much earlier and go to the gym first thing. I’ve learned a few things that work for me and have allowed this to become a part of my routine. I now feel weird if I don’t do it! Keep reading for my tips and tricks for waking up early and working out.

Set an alarm, and don’t hit snooze. Studies show hitting snooze actually makes you more tired.

Sleep with the curtains drawn. Waking up to natural light is much easier than waking up in the dark.

Lay out your workout clothes the night before. They say visualization helps!

Don’t question it, you’re doing it! Don’t let working out be an option for you.

Think of how good you will feel after you do it. Thats the best feeling!

Try a five day “trail run”. Give your self a count down. That way you can think “only three more days then I’m done”. But then keep going!

Join a class. Even better if they charge you for canceling, then you’re really forced 😉

Have a workout partner. See if your significant other will get up and crush it with you! Or have plans to meet a friend for a run. It’s harder to bail when someone is counting on you.

I hope these tips work for you. I promise, once you make a habit of it, you’ll even start looking forward to waking up and getting your workout in!




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