Tips for Traveling in Style

You see the girls on Instagram, with those with amazing outfits traveling the world. All one can think is: “this girl packed her entire closet!”. But, the truth is, they aren’t packing much more than you or I would. They’re just packing smarter. I learned this after traveling a lot for work, followed by a string of vacations. There is a system, tricks of the trade, that one must know in order to be able to pack light while still having a great wardrobe abroad! Keep reading to learn what I’ve learned.

Basic Packing Tips

  • Pack smaller things, such as underwear and socks last so those tiny spaces don’t go unused.
  • Head to warmer climates! Clothing is easier to carry around when its shorts and tank tops.
  • Only pack enough clothes for 7-9 days. Laundromats are easy to find.
  • Write out a packing list beforehand and plan outfits.
  • Choose a color combination for your entire wardrobe. It will be easier to mix and match pieces.
  • Wear your bulkiest traveling items on the plane. Planes are cold anyway!


  • You need less bottoms than tops. You really only need three, and they depend on the climate of where you are traveling to. Maybe your combo is two jeans and a pair of shorts or two shorts and a pair of jeans.
  • Skirts take up less room. Typically, because they’re smaller and a lighter material, skirts can be rolled up into almost nothing. So, you can throw a few skirts in there.
  • Dresses are great, they are a top and bottom in one. Try bringing dresses in lieu of an outfit or two. Plus, most can be dressed up or down.


  • Take a new top for each day, unless traveling for longer than 9 days.
  • Take tops that don’t wrinkle easily or show stains.
  • Do not take tops that require specific/fancy bras.


  • Sandals are the way to go, as they are lighter and easier to carry.
  • Find sandals you can walk around in all day and wear to dinner that night.
  • Limit your heels. Only bring one pair if you must, they are bulky and there’s a good chance you won’t need them.


  • Don’t bring more than two purses.
  • Opt for smaller purses that will be easier to carry around when walking all day.
  • Stuff your purses with underwear/socks and smaller articles of clothing so the space inside doesn’t go to waste!


  • Buy toiletries there! Chances are you were going to spend money on travel sized items anyway.
  • Look for detergent and other items in powder form. Much lighter and travel friendlier than liquid, which is heavy and prone to leakage.
  • Sephora has awesome travel sized makeup options. Including this NARS Blush Duo which has both blush shade ‘Orgasm’ and bronzer shade ‘Laguna’.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found these tips helpful and you’re more stylish than ever on your next trip! If you have any other packing tips, I’d love to read them below.




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