Style Inspo 6.20.2017


Similar to my Interior Inspo 6.16.2017 post, I’ve decided to begin sharing style inspiration I find on Pinterest. I’ve always been into fashion, and love to shop and try new trends. I love everything about this outfit. The jean skirt, how it flares subtly at the end, the striped loose top, and the shoes. What I like most, is that each of these articles of clothing could go with a million other things.





Another white skirt. But this one is much more intricate than the jean skirt above. I love the tasles and the wrap around style. Notice, this skirt is paired with a much simpler top. That’s because this skirt has much more going on. The only reason I probably personally wouldn’t invest in this skirt is that it’s not as versatile as a simple jean skirt which can be paired with anything. Your options are much more limited with this skirt.




What I love in this photo are the shoes. I love the simple switch up from a regular ankle strap to the tie. It makes the shoes so much more fun! The only issue I foresee happening here is if the material isn’t good for tying. I have a pair of suade ankle tie shoes and the suade material always undoes itself. But, love the style and color of the shoes, especially in contrast with her tan skin!






This outfit! I happen to recognize the shirt, it’s from Lovers + Friends, and its expensive. The more popular item from the the brand is this shirt style but in a dress. I also recognize the bag from Chloe, also expensive. But, nevertheless, very cute! The shirt dresses up the jeans nicely and the bag, well, I mean look at it! The bag is gorgeous but a little big for what I usually carry around. Chloe has a beautiful satchel that is less expensive than this bag and the perfect size.



As I wrap up this post, I’ve decided I won’t be doing the next style inspo the same way. While I love all the photos attached here, I think what I’ll begin doing is only posting photos of clothes I see online for sale, so that I may link where you can purchase should you be interested. Because, while I think its great to see how cute outfits are styled, how does that help you if I’m unable to tell you how and where to purchase to replicate? Let me know what you think below. Either way, I hope you found this post fun to read and I look forward to improving the next one!




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