How to become a Morning Person

Early mornings before anyone is up, when the air is crisp and the birds are signing; that’s my favorite time of day. I’ve learned the way you choose to spend your mornings can make a huge impact on the rest of your day. There is a reason why highly successful people like Warren Buffet (businessman and investor), Oprah Winfrey (YOU GET A CAR!), and Kevin O’Leary (businessman and Shark Tank investor) wake up early. Some people meditate, get a jump start on work, or exercise. By doing this, you get a few extra hours of your day with fresh energy and less distractions. This article is to tell you how to become a morning person, and why you really should.


  • Sleep with the blinds drawn. That way your room brightens as the sun rises.
  • Never hit snooze. Studies show this actually makes you more tired and makes it harder to get up.
  • When you alarm goes off, turn on the closes lamp if its not bright enough already, go on your phone, or sit up immediately.


When I wake up, the first thing I do is head straight to the gym. Nothing changes your day more than by starting it with exercise. You know the saying, ‘endorphins make you happy’? Its true. And then don’t have to feel guilty about being lazy in the afternoon.  Many people lay out their gym clothes in plain sight, as they say visualization helps. I just set an alarm and never hit snooze, I immediately turn on my lamp and scroll through my phone. Hitting the snooze button can be your worst enemy to getting up early.


After I workout, I take my pup on a 20 minute walk. This is to exercise her, but I’ve also found it increadibly therapeutic. It’s a great cool down from my workout and puts me in an even better mood. I recommend fitting some type of walk into your mornings, whether its walking your dog, walking with your significant other while sipping coffee, or walking to work. Try to find a path with greenery and pretty sights to see. Take this time to reflect and enjoy the view.


Next, I make a cup of coffee, sit in the sunniest corner of my apartment, and scroll through Pinterest on my laptop. This is my favorite part of my mornings. I consider this my “morning treat”; a reward for my early morning workout and productivity. Maybe this is the time you read the newspaper or a book. By having something to look forward to, waking up early is much easier.

My mood has truly improved since adopting this new morning routine. I’m guaranteed to get my workout in since its the first thing I do. I take a nice walk which further uplifts my mood. And I get some “me” time while enjoying my morning coffee. By starting my mornings like this, I am happier the rest of my day. I hope you give this a try and it works for you!




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