My Beauty Collection: Highlighters

It isn’t until recently, I’ve recognized the power of a good highlight. I used to think it was an unnecessary beauty step, and now I can’t live without it. Since this revelation, I’ve come across some great products that I’m excited to share with you!Watt's Up

  1. Benefit Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter. This highlighter is great. You can apply it under powder and it still finds a way to shimmer through. I’ve also applied it over powder. And although one would expect it to break apart, it didn’t! It costs $30 making it a bit pricey, but this product does last quite a while. I like to use my fingers over the “soft-glow blender”. This product is powerful and a little bit goes a long way.Tarte
  2. Tarte Amazoian Clay 12-hour highlighter. “Exposed” is the most popular shade. I like the beige undertone of this highlighter, similar to Watt’s Up! It makes the highlighter look more natural. For $29, this product is comparable to the one mentioned before.NARS.jpg
  3. NARS Highlighting Blush. I have this in the shade “Albatross”. This highlighter is powerful, a little product packs a big punch. For $30, this gives you the least amount of product than the other two mentioned in this post.

I really like all three of these products and would recommend any of them. But, my favorite at the moment is the Tarte highlighter. I just really love the “Exposed” shade, I think it looks really natural. I think powder highlighters can look more natural when applied to the t-zone areas such as tip of nose and forehead. But creams look better on the high-point of the cheeks. I think this is because the cream highlighters tend to apply more concentrated whereas the powders can be applied lighter. Comment down below any other highlighters I should give a try!




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