My Beauty Collection; an upcoming series

As most girls my age, I’ve acquired quite the collection of makeup products through-out the years. Some products have turned into favorites, while I learned others were a waste of money.

This upcoming week I’ll be dedicating one post per beauty “category”, taking a deep-dive into my collection, product by product.  You’ll get to read my personal take on the products and where you can get them for yourself!

Posting Schedule:

  1. Powders – Sunday, 5/28
  2. Bronzers – Monday, 5/29
  3. Blushes – Wednesday 5/31
  4. Highlights – Friday, 6/2
  5. Brows – Sunday, 6/4
  6. Concealers – Monday, 6/5
  7. Eyeliners and Mascaras – Wednesday, 6/7

If there is any specific information you would like to see in these posts please comment them down below! Excited to share with you all and hope to introduce you to some great products!




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