20 Minute at home HIIT workout to see results

I love working out at home. I turn on my favorite show, throw on some spanx and a sports bra, and GET IT DONE. All you need in 20 minutes a day to get in a great workout and you’ll see the results in as little as a month! HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are great for burning fat, building muscle, all in a do-able time frame. Keep reading for my 20 minute at home HIIT workout!

Do this circuit three times with a 30 second rest period in between exercise:

  1. Start with 100 jumping jacks as a warm up and to get your heart rate going
  2. 20 jump squats
  3. 20 jump lunges (10 each leg)
  4. 20 Side lunges (10 each leg)
  5. 20 cross over lunges (10 each leg)
  6. 10 birpees (I opt for knee pushups)
  7. 20 leg lifts – lay on your back, tuck your hands behind your butt, keeping your ankles together and knees straight, lift your legs a foot in the air and back down.
  8. 20 pelvic thrusts – lay on your back with your knees bent feet on the floor. Live your hips and clench your butt. You can also do a variation where you keep one straight leg raised while using the other to lift your butt.
  9. 20 bicycles (fast paced)
  10. 20 plank crunches (fast paced)
  11. 30 second plank

The great thing is you really can do it at your own pace as long as you are doing the exercises quickly. It doesn’t matter if your rests in between exercises are one minute or five minutes (though that would take you much longer) because your heart rate is still going up and down which is what makes this type of exercise effective!

If you have any other recommended exercises, please comment them down below!




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